As of September 2018 I am currently working on writing an Eternalozzie book

Ozzie doesn’t know where he belongs in this world. He is an immortal construct that does not age and is filled with the power to channel magic around him. He was created as an evil instrument designed solely to destroy. If he was only a weapon why did his creator give him the ability to love? 
  His past always looms over him in the forms of the love and guidance he received from his druid teacher and the wrath of a twisted enemy chasing him throughout time. How can he ever get close to anyone when his mere presence endangers their lives?

  The first rough draft story, The Wolf, is just a brief introduction to the character while he tracks a werewolf leaving a bunch of bodies in its wake. The second story, Belonging, goes more in depth about who Ozzie is and where he comes from while his life crosses and entangles with an unexpected young witch named Jake who is just discovering his identity, power, and sexuality. Ozzie and Jake quickly become more than friends but can it last when a deadly enemy from Ozzie’s past threatens them? 
  These two stories are only about 45 pages long together and are a quick read. This young adult series of stories full of magic, coming of age, and wonderment was written with the LGBT youth out there in mind who really don’t have people writing for them. I hope you enjoy the two stories with more on the way in the future.

story 1 and 2 are available on Kindle for .99 or as a FREE PDF download here

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